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Southern Myanmar Stretches from Hpa An in the north to Kawthaung in the south, it is a lush a vibrant area with so much good stuff… here are a few of our favourites.

The Best of Southern Myanmar

MerguiSouthern Myanmar’s Best Luxury Escape. Mergui Archipelago.
This stunning chain of over 800 largely uninhabited tropical islands is one of the world’s last Archipelago’s to remain undeveloped and sparcely populated. Sailing through this exclusive Archipelago aboard the luxury 85 foot Meta IV is a dream, beach exploration at its best. For more information on attractions in the area and ways to visit the Mergui Archipelago please click here.


Karen New YearsSouthern Myanmar’s Best Party
Karen New Years festival, this celebration of Karen Culture commences on the 29th of December each year and runs through to the 2nd of Jan. The largest celebrations are held in Hpa An, Dawei and Myeik.

The festivities include Karen dress pageants, tradtional dancing, displays of traditional crafts and hunting equipment. There is a live stage every night, a Ferris Wheel powered by hand (amazing!) and usually a Myanmar traditional boxing championship.

If thats not enough to leave you in amazement they also have candyfloss. To learn more about the Karen’s Capital City of Hpa-an please click here


Thee Khee - Dawei roadSouthern Myanmar’s Best Road Trip
The road between Phu Nam Ron (Thailand) and Dawei is one of the most spectacular you will ever take. The road is newly constructed and properly opened late August 2013. As you drive along the four lane gravel road is almost consumed by the jungle around it. After an hour the road begins to follow the upper reaches of the Tanintharyi River. On a busy day you may need to slow down for elephants comming the other direction.

In the river below small villagers of gold miners and fishermen eking out a living preached on bamboo rafts, but otherwise evidence of human civilisation is sparse. You can feel as you are descending into a nothingness of jungle and birdlife, So it is with a little relief that after 4 hours the mountains and jungle eventually give way to lush green paddy fields and the advent of streetlights heralds our arrival in Dawei City. For more on the border crossing click here


Nabule BeachSouthern Myanmar’s Best Beach
This is a matter which has been subject to much fierce debate prior to the posting of this page, essentually we all agree the beach sits somewhere along the 60 km of coastline between Nabule and Shae Moe Beaches on the Dawei Peninsula. But which of the dozen beaches is best appears to be a matter of personal taste. You have those who like the stunning yellow sand beach of Nabule (pictured) but then there are those who like the whiter sands of Teyzit. Then there are those who like other beaches on the basis of river inlets or the kindness of the villages which inhabit them. All these beaches are the exact definition of the “undeveloped natural beach” you are coming south to try find, so come see for yourself. Further details available here.


Myanmar’s Best New Years Celebration
A mere 12 months in Myanmar can see you celebrate Karen New Years, Chinese New Year, Western New Years and Thingyan, Thingyan is the traditional Burmese New Year and a massive country wide WATER FIGHT. The festival is celebrated country wide over over 3 days but in the south they take it to a whole new level the cities of Dawei and Myeik continue for an entire week.


100_1567World’s Largest Reclining Buddha
Situated in Mudon just outside Mawlamyine this 180m long Buddha is the worlds largest reclining Buddha. Due to the structure being hollow you can explore around and inside this impressive reclining Buddha at will. For more activities in the Mawlamyine area please click here




Southern Myanmar’s Best Free Divers
The Solone, Moken or Sea Gypsies as they are commonly known are sea nomads of the Mergui Archipelago. they live a largely nomadic subsistance lifestyle collecting shellfish and free diving for pearls seemingly unconcerned with the goings on of the outside world and its material possessions. These skilled free diving fishermen are a true wonder to watch under water. For more about the Moken please click here


water dance myanmarMyanmar’s Best Traditional Dance
Traditional water fetching dance where dancers preform while balancing multiple water jars on their heads, visible on the beachfront during special celebrations in Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung. The dance is designed to display the dancers pose and strength. Stronger and more experianced dancers can have up to 4 or 5 water jars balanced as they do their routine. For more activities in Maungmagan Beach please click here.





Myanmar DessertMyanmar’s Best Dessert
Upha Moe is a traditional Dawei dessert a wafer thin meringue cooked in the shape of a bowl. Traditional dessert made from a very thin batter of coconut milk, rice, and egg. The batter is then poured into a very small wok over a wooden cooker, with an extra clay pot containing embers placed ontop to create a micro oven heating the Upha from both sides. Served on a banana leaf expect this gem to quickly find its way into fine dining lounges in Yangon and around the world. For more information on Dawei Food please click here


Southern Myanmar’s Best Smile
Forget the beaches, forget the great food. Its the people and their culture that make this place spectacular. Never before in all your travels will you step into a region where the currency of a smile gets you so far. you can feel overwelmed when passing
a Monastic School as the novice monks promptly abandon their games of caneball in order to shower you in a range of greetings from tradition “Minglabar’s” to simple “thank you’s”. The smiles like the beaches are golden and the best one is the one you will see tomorrow.
Dawei PeopleDawei Peninsular BeachMyanmar smile






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