Myanmar’s Best Beaches

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The Best Southern Myanmar Beaches

Maungmagan Beach (Maung Ma Kan)
Location; 12 miles nor-west of Dawei
Beach; off-white, shallow, good for swimming
Transport; Bus or Fly from Yangon. Bus from Bangkok (350km)
Facilities; Restaurants, Bungalows, Shops
Road Conditions; good

Maungmagan is the second most historical beach in Myanmar after Ngapali Beach, During Colonial times Maungmagan Beach was the English’s main beach for relaxing and drinking tea. Since then the Dawei locals have adopted the beach as their primary weekend retreat, playing football/chilo on the beach and floating in inner tubes on the water. By far the jewel of the beach is the small palm hut style family run restaurants which run a 300m stretch of the beach. For more on Maungmagan Beach, including dining and accommodation recommendations please Click Here.

Nabule Beach

Location; 12 miles north of Maungmagan
Beach; golden sand, deep blue water
Transport; motorbike, car
Facilities; small shop and pagoda
Road Conditions; average to poor

One of Myanmar’s best kept secrets. At the pagoda climb down the garden path to find the hidden bays of Nabule beach. A beautiful golden sand beach broken up by large granite boulders, the largest boulder is crowned with a small golden stupda. The sublime beach is precisely that, nothing but nature. It’s not often you can step into secluded beach paradise but as you climb across the rocks to the final bay to find a dearth of footprints you may have just found the explorers Holy Grail.


Myawyik Pagoda & San Maria Bay. south myanmar beach
Location; 9 miles south of Maung Ma Kan
Beach; dull white sand
Transport; motorbike
Facilities; small shops
Road Condition; poor

Myawyik Pagoda is a beautiful small rocky island with a causeway running to it from the mainland, both the island and causeway can be seen in the distance when standing on Maung Ma Kan Beach. San Maria Bay is a 3km long white sand beach just before you reach Myawyik Pagoda, the beach was named after an Austrian nurse who served in South Myanmar during formal times, chances are you will have the whole beach to yourself. To get there take the only road heading south from Maung Ma Kan Village, the village turnoff is set back approximately 1 km from the beach.


Teyzit beachTeyzit Beach.
Location; 25 miles south of Dawei
Beach; beautiful soft white sand, good water clarity
Transport; motorbike, car
Facilities; small fishing village
Road Condition; poor

Teyzit is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches with amazing water clarity on the Dawei Peninsula. Upon arrival the kids from the fishing village will likely join you and do backflips in the knee high waves. There are two small islands off the beach you can reach by longtail boat, we do not suggest swimming to them its further than it looks 🙂 .


Shae Moe Pagoda
Location; 80km south of Dawei
Beach; deep blue water
Transport; motorbike, local bus
Facilities; small shop and pagoda
Road Condition; reserved for true explorer’s

Located at the very bottom of the Dawei Peninsula Shae Moe Pagoda is one of the nine famous pagodas in the Dawei Region. The journey really is the destination as you venture where very few tourists have ventured before through small villages, jungle and open paddy fields to arrive at this historical pagoda at the end of a long bay.



The Best Western Myanmar Beaches


hbNgapali Beach
Location; Rakhine State
Beach; Flat white sand
Transport; Fly from Yangon, Mandalay or Bagan
Facilities; Resorts, Hotels, Shopping

Ngapali Beach on the Bay of Bengal is Myanmars traditional beach location and know by the Burmese as Myanmars “oldest” Beach. Famed for its palm lined white sands the bay stretches to the horizon with an air of grandeur. Ngapali is Myanmar’s most built up beach resort destination and despite its location is well supported by amenities. The beach continues to grow with a number of the countries richest businessmen developing resorts there. Due to its location it is best to fly into nearby Thandwe. For more information please Click Here



DSCF0562Chaung Thar Beach
Location; Irrawaddy Division
Beach; Flat darker sand
Transport; Bus from Yangon
Facilities; Resorts, Hotels, Shopping
Road Condition; Average to poor

Chang Thar Beach was developed because Ngapali was just a bit too far to drive at the weekend for most Yangon residents. It can draw bit of a crowed as it is the closest Beach to Yangon, despite the proximity it is still a 6hr bus trip due to the roading network.



The Best Mergui Archipelago Beaches and Islands

Marcus and Dome Islandsmarcus island myanmar
Location; 2 Hours from Myeik by speedboat
Beach; White Sand
Transport; Resort boat
Facilities; Beach Beauty

Two beach filled islands 2 hours from Myeik. Fresh from the start of 2016 day trips to these amazing tropical islands are available trips from Myeik. The very first time in 60 years that the northern end of the archipelago has been opened up to the day trip costs depend upon the numbers but are roughly USD 110 per person, an amazing day out to see this untouched and recently discovered gem. For further information please click here.



P1654654Macleod Island
Location; Lower Mergui
Beach; Soft White Sand
Transport; Resort boat or liveabord tour from Kawthaing
Facilities; Eco-resort, Diving, Snorkeling, Fine Dining

While the Mergui Archipelago is still extremely undeveloped there is one horse shoe shaped bay with an eco-resort tucked away in the jungle. The Andaman Resort is the only resort in the 804 island Mergui Archipelago. Want some alone time away from the neighbours… this is it, even the paparazzi can’t find you here. For more information on the Andaman Resort please see our Resorts Page



Island 115
Location; Mid Mergui
Beach;  Soft white sand, golden sands, deep blue and green waters, everything you ever wanted.
Transport; Liveaboard boat tours from Kawthaung
Facilities; Nothing, Nada, Zippo

While they still haven’t given this island a proper name its beaches speak for itself. Island 115 is home to some of the best beaches in the Mergui Archipelago. A virgin island covered in jungle, small coral reefs offer amazing shallow snorkeling and hornbills sit in the trees. Access to this island is strictly part of a liveaboard tour package. For more information on accessing the Mergui Archipelago and to compare prices of tour opperators please see our Mergui Archipelago Page.



For more amazing beach photos of the Dawei Peninsular please checkout our Facebook Page




For more amazing beach photos of the Dawei Peninsula please checkout our Facebook Page







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