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Myanmar’s new Capital City, if you are off to Naypyitaw for business then there a few simple lessons you should know before you venture.

Naypyitaw means City of Kings, the city was manufactured my the government and really is a different world from the remainder of the country.

Business Hotel Zones
As a visitor you must stay in the hotel zone, there is no escape on this rule. Most hotels are modern but roughly built. many businessmen built hotels in Naypyitaw in exchange for business licenses in more profitable parts of the country. Hotel occupany rates are very low indeed.



Colour Coded HousesNay Pyi Daw
Naypyitaw’s sparce inhabitants are mostly government officials and are in departmental housing, the roof of the house tells of which department the resident works for. As a result Naypyitaw view from google earth is facinating,

Blue Roofs: Medical

Green Roofs: Ministry of Agriculture

Red Roofs: Military


Massive HighwaysDSCF1962
As famed by Top Gear, Naypyitaw has 16 lane highways, built 20 years before there will ever be enough people living there to use them. Completely empty as this photo which shows the MP’s arriving to the governmnet building show.




How to Find your Governmant Department Zone
Lodgically the Hotel zone is miles away from the Government Zone, even though nearly every visitor is in the city on business solely to see their resective govenment department, a taxi is your best form of transport which your hotel can arrange. lucky there is no traffic on the multi lane highways and so its a quick 25-35minute trip depending upon which department you need have an appointment with.


DS MerguiDS Hpa an

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