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Myeik MyanmarWelcome to Myeik, Myanmar
The largest city in the Tanintharyi Division with an estimated population of 250,000 inhabitants, Myeik has a long and proud nautical history and one of the best kept collections of colonial era buildings in South-East Asia. The heart of the city is the bustling harbour front with traders, and a wide varietty of wooden fishing and commuter boats.

Things to see and do;
Colonial Architecture
Myeik is a very aesthetic city to see on a motorbike with its beautiful wooden architecture and busy streets. Myeik and Dawei were two of the first cities settled by the English after the first of the three Anglo-Burmese wars, As a result these two citys have many beautiful buildings, Dawei has more understated wooden houses where as Myeik’s colonial buildings are more often merchant shops and quasi-mansions.

Myeik Art GalleryMyeik Fish Market
Myeik hosts one of the largest fish markets in Myanmar, an astonishing array of sea life can be found , Blue Legged Lobsters, Crayfish, Tuna, Swordfish, Squid and Crabs, as well as a few delicacies I was previously unaware were eatable. At the tastier end of the selection be sure to checkout the lobster/crab farm while you are there.

Art Works
Thein Tun a local artist runs a small gallery from his workshop. His works have a very distictive local flavour to them and are widly known in Yangon.

Pearl Market
The crystal clear waters of the outer Mergui are perfect for pearl cultivation. Tucked away 5 minutes from the waterfront on BEMS(2) School Rd is Royal Pearl Trading. The building has been in the family for over 150 years, they specalise in Myeik Pearls and are happy to tell you about the industry and how different pearls are cultivated.

Boat Yard
1 km East of the town centre is the boat building yard where you can witness the traditioanl wooden fishing boats both big and small being constructed.

Myeik MyanmarMyeik Island
While the Mergui Archipelago is still a restricted area it is possible to visit the two islands directly outside the city. Small longtail boats can take you through the mangrove area’s which can be a good opportunity for bird watching and otter spotting. the closer island has a 72m reclining Buddha and large crab farm. Both hilltop pagoda’s offer panaromic views of both Myeik city and the outer islands.

Myeik Pagoda
Popular meeting place for locals in the evening, it is a quick 2 minute walk up the hill from the town centre and offers terrific views over the Northern Islands. The pagoda also houses a very small museum.


There are very few good English speaking guides in Myeik, if you are looking for a guide to facilitate your trip we do recommend Tam as a good man who loves his town and a good laugh, – Tam is available on mobile 09 25430 3230


Where to Eat;
Oweing to the plentiful abundance of seafood the food options in Myeik are supperior to what can be found in most other Myanmar towns.


Myeik RestaurantBlue Wave
One of the very best in Southern Myanmar, Small blue coloured resturant on the waterfront 200m before the shopping centre. Sophisticated dishes minimal prices.
Famous for; Tamarind and Tiger Prawns $4.50                   Our Favourite; Stuffed squid and corriander. $3

BBQ Resturants/roadside stalls
Down by the waterfront, amazing selection of very cheap and very fresh seafood. Stalls start around 6pm.

YYA Bakery, Myeik
The ever popular YYA Bakery is an oasis for the café fen, in a world of 3 in 1 coffee, YYA provides proper baked goods, drinks and a reliable internet connection . Great little shop, well ahead of its time in Myeik. situated 1 block back from the waterfront.
Famous for; Domino (icecream sunday)           Our favourite; savory croissant

A1 Resturant
Located in the Indian quarter serves very cheap indian and Myanmar food.
Famous for; Nanbia                              Our Favourite; Chicken Masala

Where to stay;
We would suggest Dolphin Guesthouse as a clean place with english spoken my the manager, or at the upper end of the range the very modern and stylish Eain Taw Phyu Hotel. For further options in Myeik please see our Guesthouse Page.

IMG_1686 DSC07697Myeik City

Myeik Myeik Myanmar

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