Maungmagan Beach

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DSCF5725-001Welcome to Maungmakan Beach
Loosely translated to mean “where the emperor’s concubines bathe” Maungmagan (also spelt Maung Ma Gan or Maung Ma Kan beach) is Myanmar’s second most culturally significant beach after Ngapali. The beach rose to prominence during a visit from Emperor Alung Si Thu of the first Myanmar dynasty who visited Southern Myanmar on his attempted invasion of lower Thailand. During this trip his entourage spent a considerable amount of their time swimming at Maungmagan Beach and the name stuck ever since.


Maungmagan BeachDuring colonial times Maungmagan was the English’s main beach for relaxing and drinking tea. Since then the locals have adopted the beach as their primary weekend retreat, playing football/chilo on the beach and floating in innertubes on the water. Swimming atire is modest with most girls swimming in their clothes or pajamas.

Situated only 12 miles along a well sealed road from Dawei City the beach is very under developed and primarily servicing the local Dawei residents. As a result the beach is very quiet during the weekdays. By far the jewel of the beach are the small family run restaurants which run a 300m stretch of the beach.

Maungmagan is best used as an accommodation base from which to explore the other nicer beaches to the North and South.

Things to See and Do

Nabule Beach, Approximately 14 miles north
Nabule BeachParking at the Pagoda walk down the narrow garden path to the large golden beach broken up into three bays by large granite boulders the largest of which crowned with a small golden stupda. The sublime beach is precisely that, nothing but nature. It’s not often you can step into secluded beach paradise but as you climb across the rocks to
the final bay to find a dearth of footprints you may have just found
the explorers Holy Grail.


Dawei Deep Seaport Project
Checkout the showroom for the ambitious port project which is supose to be the next Singapore, linking South East Asia with the rest of the world. See the massive plans and then look out the window to see two water buffalo grazing in the reeds. Outside of the impressive roading network there is little to show for this “Mega port.” Large plywood signs take the place of buildings with words like “Town Centre” “Light Industry Zone” prophesying what may eventually emerge from the scrubby farmland. A very interesting and surreal experiance.


Baw Sei Village
Fishing village at the very southern end of Maungmagan Beach.Tthe village is nice all day but best seen at 6-7am when their large seaside fish market takes place.


Myawyik Pagoda & San Maria BayMyawyik Pagoda
This little island pagoda is visable at the southernmost end of Maungmagan Beach. A small causeway leads out to the island and offers spectacular views back towards Maungmagan Beach. 2 km before Myawyik Pagoda you come to a very long white sand beach, completely undeveloped and just beautiful. Not much more can be said, just untouched natural beach, truely stunning.


Local HotpoolsMaungmagan hotpools
These locals hotpools are located 1km north of Maungmagan Village, join the locals and splash the water around.



Where to Stay
We recomend Coconut Guesthouse at Maungmagan Beach, its lovely garden setting and inviting manager makes for a wonderful stay. For other options please see our Hotels Page.


Where to Eat

Maung Ma Kan beach RestaurantsBeach Side Restraunts – All of the beaches side family run resturants do amazing food. English is not widely spoken, polietly walk into the kitchen open the freezer and point at what you would like them to prepare. The freezers are amazing treasure troves of prawns, squid, whole fish, crabs, shellfish, chicken and occasional crayfish.
Speciality; Whole BBQ Fish                                              Our Favourite; tomyum soup with prawns, squid and crab (feeds 3.)




Maungmagan Beach, Maung Ma Kan Beach, Coconut Bungalows




Maung Ma Kan MapMaungmagan beach myanmar maung ma gan beachMangmagan beach hutsbeach monkMungmagan beach

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