Top 10 Attractions

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Southern Myanmar stretches from Hpa-an in the north to Kawthaung in the south, it is a lush a vibrant area with much to offer those who travel south.

Here are some of our picks for the Top 10 Attractions


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dawei peninsula
dawei peninsula1
            Beaches of the Dawei Peninsuladawei peninsula
A stunning variety of white and yellow yellow sand beaches stretching for over 60 km outside Dawei city. These beaches are the exact definition of the “undeveloped natural beach” you are traveling south to try find, paradise all to yourself. That being said some of the beaches have bungalows and restaruants while others are undeveloped to the point that the roads leading to them haven’t even been placed on google maps yet so remember to take a packed lunch (get directions here).

Transportation; motorbike or tuk tuk from Maung Ma Kan Beach, 12 miles north (Nabule Beach) or south (San Maria Bay, Teyzit Beach) take your pick.

Where to stay; Coconut Bungalows Maung Ma Kan


P3160623 1024x771 Top 10 Attractions2          Hpa-an Caves and Lakes

Hpa-an has a multitude of caves to explore and discover. Saddan Cave is the most spectacular we think but there is also Kawka and Yathaypyan caves which host a multitude of ancient Buddhist art works. Hpa-an’s other geographic forms worth noting include Kyauk Kalap a steeple shaped rock finger situated in the middle of a manmade lake with a small golden pagoda balanced on-top and the crystal clear spring feed pools of Kyauk Ka Taung. more… 

Transportation: motorbike or tuk tuk tour from Hpa-an

Where to stay; Soe Brothers Guesthouse, Hpa-an


 Yangon city3         Walking Tour, Downtown Yangon

This city has character, and the best way to appreciate it unique personality is on foot. Experience firsthand how every alleyway is a micro culture. We suggest your first stop is the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda which has towered over the city for over 1,000 years then make your way back past a wealth of beautiful colonial style buildings and canyon like streets to end your day over some casual Myanmar dinning at 19th street (Chinatown). more…

Transportation; walking or taxi to Shwedagon.

Where to Stay; Chan Myaye Guesthouse

P1030506 1024x769 Top 10 Attractions

4          Mergui Archipelago

These 800 untouched islands of the Mergui Archipelago with their rich biodiversity and Moken (sea gypsie) inhabitance would be the number 2 tourist attraction in all Myanmar (second only to Bagan) if only the government made access a little easier. Currently it is only possible to access this picture perfect tropical paradise on liveaboard tours from Kawthaung. For more information on accessing the world’s last great undiscovered archipelago please see our Mergui Archipelago page.

Transportation; Liveboard boat pickup from Kawthaung jetty.

Where to Stay; Andaman Resort


Golden Rock Myanmar kyaiktiyo 5          Golden Rock, Kyaiktiyo Myanmar

Traditional pilgrimage point for local Myanmar Buddhists this amazingly balanced gold gilded rock is precariously balanced and will fascinate anyone with an engineering mind.

Transportation; pickup or bus, Kyaiktiyo is 4 hours from Mawlamyine, 3 hours from Bago or 5 hours from Yangon.

Where to stay; Mountain Top Hotel



6          Maung Ma Kan Beach Family Restaurants.
Maung Ma Kan Beach w 1024x609 Top 10 AttractionsMaung Ma Kan is a local’s beach and a popular weekend retreat; steeped in tradition
this beach has hosted emperors, prime ministers, locals and tourists alike. Tucked
under the shade of the trees the beach has a 300 m line of palm hut style
restaurants serving fresh seafood. more…

Transportation; easy walk from Guesthouse.

Where to Stay; Coconut Bungalows Maung Ma Kan






7          Thanbyuzayat Death Railway Memorial. Thanbyuzayat
The war memorial located at Myanmar end of the notorious Thailand – Burma railway. The railway was built by the Japanese using POW and conscripted labour during the second world war as a supply line between Thailand and Myanmar. more..

Transportation; bus or private car from Mawlamyine, 40 miles.

Where to Stay; Cinderella Hotel, Mawlamyine



8           World’s Largest Reclining Buddha100 1567 768x1024 Top 10 Attractions
Situated just south of Mawlimaine this 180m long Buddha is the worlds largest. The figure itself is hollow so you can explore around and inside this impressive reclining Buddha.

Transportation; Motorbike taxi or private car from Mawlimaine .

Where to Stay; Breeze Guesthouse




9          Tanintharyi TownshipTanintharyi River
A small tranquil hill town nestled on the shores of the Taninintharyi river, tucked away and completely unknown to the outside world. A town with huge potential as a mountain/jungle retreat yet barely sees any tourists. Activities include boat rides up to the waterfall and Tanintharyi Nature Reserve. more…

Transportation; Beautiful boat trip up the Tanintharyi River from Myeik.

Where to Stay; Tanintharyi Guesthouse

10        Kawthaung Coastal Road
Kawthaung has a beautiful coastal road stretching out to Parker Beach approximately 12 miles from the city. The palm tree lined road has a number of small beer stations and looks out over the nearby islands. more…

Transportation; Motorbike or Tuk Tuk from Kawthaung, 3-12 miles north of the centre city.

Where to Stay; Penguin Guesthouse, Kawthaung







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