Myanmar Overland Border Crossings

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See more of this great country, enter or exit via a Myanmar overland border.

Myanmar Thailand Overland Border Crossings.
There are currently 4 border crossings to choose from, all of which allow passage for third party nationals either inbound or outbound, you can enter in one and exit via another as long as you have your Myanmar visa, none of the overland borders have visa on arrival facilities yet so ensure you arrange your visa beforehand.

Kawthaung- Ranong Border Crossing
TDSCF4792he most pleasant of all the voyages into Myanmar. From the Ranong jetty you can take a ride on a longtail boat which takes approximately 25 minutes trip accross the river to Kawthaung the boat ride costs anywhere between 50-100 Bhat. After landing in Kawthaung you walk 100 meters along the waterfront to the immigration office to get stamped in. There is a KBZ bank in Kawthaung which has an ATM and money exchange, although most places in town happily accept Bhat too. From Kawthaung you can then travel up to Myeik or Dawei by speed boat at your leasure. Its that easy!

If leaving Myanmar via Kawthaung be aware that the Thai immigration closes at 6pm and that you jump forward 30 minutes time as you land in Thailand.

Tiki (Tee Khee) – Ban Phu Nam Ron  Border Crossing

The most direct route into Myanmar from Bangkok and also the best road to the border.

Thee Khee - Dawei roadFrom Bangkok first travel to Kanchanaburi, Minivans leave every 20 minutes from Victory Monument or you can bus or catch the train all options are 120 bhat or less.

From Kanchanaburi there is a bus which departs at 10am ,11am ,12pm and 1pm for the 67km journey to the Ban Phu Nam Ron immigration on the Thai side are quick and professoinal. You then must catch a taxi 6 km to the Myanmar checkin where they will be a little supprised to see you and keen to have a social chat whilst they stamp you in.

Below the stamp office minivans are queued up to take you the 4.5 hours into Dawei City, cost is USD 20. The road on the Myanmar side for the most part is a 4 lane wide gravel road which follows the Tanintharyi River through untouched jungle, a very beautiful drive. more….



myawaddy borderMyawaddy – Mae Sot Overland Border Crossing

The most direct route from Chang Mai to Yangon. Multiple minivans and busses leave both Bangkok and Chang Mai for Mae Sot daily. We suggest you spend the night in Mae Sot as the trip to over the border to Hpa-an is a long 8-9 hours.

The difficulty is that the road is only one way meaning that traffic travels east to west one day and then west to east the next. Unfortunately they change the direction from time to time so its best to ring ahead so you know the direction of flow on the day you arrive.

We strongly recommend taking either a smaller minivan or private vehicle, the road is narrow in parts making some of the hairpin turns difficult for the larger vehicle such as busses. Phone numbers of Hpa-an guesthouses available here.

Mae Sai Overland Border Crossing
Unfortunately the concept of an overland border was somewhat lost on the authorities here. While you are permitted to enter Myanmar from Mae Sai you are not permitted to travel further by land instead they required you to take an expensive internal flight to Inle Lake which is completely contary to the purpose of entering by land.

Overstaying at Land Borders
While Southern Myanmar does not recommend overstaying your visa when exiting via an over land border my person experiance at Mae Sai, Ban Phu Nam Ron and Kawthaung is that they just charge you USD 3 per day for the first 15 day over, try asking for a reciept and you may as well save your breath.

Myanmar – China Overland Border Crossings
Crossing at the Ruli Muse border crossing is a restricted activity meaning that you must first gain permission from the Myanmar Ministry of Tourism. You are often obliged to have a guide and so can become expensive. Most Myanmar travel agents will be able to assist you in applying for the permission to cross into China.

Myanmar India Border Crossings
Like crossing into China it is possible to but neither cheap nor easy. On the Indian border however the road conditions are poor and security is not always the highest, we suggest you consider flying.

Overland border crossings from either Laos or Bangladesh are currently not permitted and are unlikely to be allowed in the near term.



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