Ye, Myanmar

Ye, with a population of only,40,000 is a nice way to break up the bus trip from Mawlimyne and Dawei. The town is still very under visited and as a result the reactions of the locals to your presence is one of surprise at first, followed by the usual delight and enthusiastic Minlarbar’s. Outside of its curious inhabitants the town does have a number of other attractions worth checking out.

Inner City Lake
A very small causeway leads out to a small monastery at the end of the lake. At the base of the causeway fish can be hand  feed. The lakes surroundings are very pleasant and is a good place to pass some time, catch up on reading that George Orwell novel that your still only half way through.

Banana Temple
Unique temple just north of Ye is a worth while half day trip. This differs from the common architectural pagoda’s in the south, there are a lot of domes and courtyard area. It is one of the more beautiful and unique pagoda’s  in the south. You can climb up the statue to the viewing area and get panaramic views of the surrounding valleys.
Getting There; hire a  Motorbike Taxi.Ye River, Myanmar

While Ye does have coastline and access to beaches, they are not in the same league as the beaches of Dawei with water clarity still cloudy. If you want beautiful beaches you are better to continue another 200km south.



Apologies for brevity of our description, Ye is genuinely a bit undiscovered, we just don’t know what is out there. Its not in the guide books and is even omitted from many maps. We have included Ye because it has charm and we want to give the town a chance to grow its fledgling tourist industry.

Where to Eat;
Any of the small local restaurants situated around the lake provide a nice ambience and good food.

From the Gold Market DSCF3243Guesthouse turn left up the main road and ontop of the small rise in the evenings there is a lady selling rice batter cubes shallow fried served with chili sauce out of a small wok in the side left side of the street. I can only find it in Ye, and no-one can give me its name, but it is the perfect accompaniment to a cold Myanmar after a hot day’s exploring.

Where to Stay
The Gold Market Guesthouse is a lovely simple guesthouse on the rivers edge, now joined by Starlight Guesthouse at the upper end of the spectrium which is situated near the inner city lake.

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